mr mikes yorkton

Mr. Mikes Yorkton

Some of the notable things about our Burgers:

We have been serving MikeBurgers to Canadians even before Mcdonalds burgers has been served to them. We opened our first location on 1960 while Mcdonalds came to Canada in 1962.

We do fundraising for our regional Hospital with our burgers and associate with them each year.

Our Lodgeburgers are 100% beef without any additives to them.

We sell our Mikeburgers in BBQ for fundraising events and raising funds in our community.

Cast Your VOTE for Yorkton's Best Burger!!

One vote per day per device. Voting opens June 18.

Yorkton's Best Burger will be announced August 30th.  Winner will receive the coveted Yorkton's Best Burger Trophy and bragging rights for the year.

Contest runs from June 18 - Aug 30, 2018.   Winner will be announced after the Burger Eating Contest at Inner Cycle's Pedal in the Park in City Center Park, Yorkton, SK.




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